Sahhaf comes from the word "suhuf", a plural form of the word page. When there was no printing press, people copied books by hand. Those who did this were called sahhaf. Later, booksellers in the Ottoman Empire became known as Sahhafchi.
The symbol is based on the owner's first letter "S". The two intertwined book forms combine to form the letter "S". It also symbolizes kindness, cafe and face-to-face sitting.
The edges of the symbols are made in a similar way to traditional oriental symbols and objects, and as a result reflect history. This style is consistent with Sahhafchi, because the name contains a kind of history. It was necessary to create a heavier image, given that the main inhabitants of the "Sahhafchi bookcafe" will be more people who love literature and books. It was made through colors. Quite mild, antiquity, history and books are preferred.

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